Get to know Red Deer, AB, Canada

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Figures and Facts

Red Deer is a city located in Aspen parkland. It has a population of 106,736, according to the Canada 2020 census.


The temperature in Red Deer generally ranges from -15°C to 23°C throughout the year and rarely falls below -28°C or rises over 29°C.

Location with Other Major Locations

The Queen Elizabeth II Roadway connects Edmonton and Calgary and passes through Red Deer. This route links the rest of the province to the rest of Canada, which makes it a great location for warehouse and transportation firms.

The trip from Edmonton or Calgary's major airports takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes. However, there are a few restricted direct flights into Red Deer Regional Airport.

Zoning Regulations

The Red Deer Land Use Bylaw contains maps that show the property use district (zone) for each land in the city. Land use districts (zones), such as the R1 – Residential (Low Density) District, the C4 – Commercial (Major Arterial) District, and the I1 – Industrial (Business Service) District are included in the Land Use Bylaw to manage residential, commercial, and industrial land development.

Major Businesses and Industries

Red Deer has a varied economy, with over 4,000 firms providing 62,224 employment, such as construction, mining, oil and gas extraction, and manufacturing.

Also, Red Deer is supervising a few of the commercial and industrial developments in the City, such as the Queens Business Park.

Furthermore, Red Deer is well-known for its oilfield production services, such as exploration for crude petroleum and natural gas; completion, quipping wells, and drilling; quarrying and mining for coal, metallic and nonmetallic ores, and other materials; and more.