Get to know Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

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The port of Prince Rupert is located on Kaien Island in British Columbia and serves as the land, aerial and marine transportation hub for the North Coast of the Province. The heavy industries of the port city are concentrated on the fishing industry, transportation and logistics, the extraction of natural resources and manufacturing and utilities.

The Warehousing and Storage Industries in the port of Prince Rupert are categorized under the Transportation Services Sector, where the industry is defined as one that operates facilities for the storage of goods and the provision of logistics services. The warehousing industry in Prince Rupert contributes approximately $541 million to the Canadian economy.

Under the Zoning By-Law of Prince Rupert, warehousing is categorized under General Industrial Uses for industrially zoned land. Storage facilities however, may be found under the M3 Classification for Waterfront Industrial Zoned Land , and M4 Classification for Auto Wrecking Yards. In the M2 Classification for General Industrial Use, the following industries may operate:

  • Automotive body and repair shop, sales and rental.

  • Key lock fuel installation.

  • Contractor offices, shops, works and storage use.

  • Shipping Container.

  • Marine commercial use.

  • Fuel products storage, loading and unloading.

  • Log Booming and sorting.

  • Impoundment yard.

  • Fish processing.

  • Net loft.

  • Marine commercial use.

  • Marine service station.

  • Freight and truck terminal.

There are no specific provisions under the Zoning By-Law of Prince Rupert that govern the usage and parameters of Warehouses. Warehouses in Prince Rupert may be found in the following areas with their applicable uses:

  • A large warehouse facility in Watson Island. According to the Economic Development Authority of Prince Rupert, this land is zoned under M3 as Waterfront Industrial Property. The main use for this area is aligned with the forestry industry and has provisions for intermodal transport.

  • Ridley Island contains warehouses utilized for agricultural purposes, and for the transport and logistics facilities. The Economic Development Authority of Prince Rupert earmarked this site for further industrial development to accommodate fuel storage facilities.

  • The Fairview Container Terminal which forms part of the Port of Prince Rupert contains warehouses utilized for intermodal transport and storage.

  • George Hills Way contains warehouses used for equipment rentals and fuel storage.

  • Seal Cove Rd has warehouses utilized for the storage of transportation equipment, hangars, and the transport and logistics industries.

  • The area between Prince Rupert Blvd and the Yellowhead Hwy contains warehouses used for the transport and logistics industries.

  • The length of Kaien Rd where it intersects with Shawatlans Rd, Duncan Rd, Legaic Rd, Metlakatla Rd, Hast Rd and Mish Aw Rd contains warehouses that are used for the storage of construction supplies, contractor services, fuel storage, the transport and logistics services, machine manufacturing, and general storage use.