Get to know Kelowna, BC, Canada

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The city of Kelowna is located in the southern interior of British Columbia and is the site of the head office of the Regional District of Central Okanagan. The heavy industries in Kelowna are focused on the trade, transport and equipment operations, the extraction of natural resources, construction, and manufacturing and utilities.

According to the Land Use Bylaws of Kelowna, the city has six zones utilized for industrial use, warehouses as storage facilities and sales areas are limited to the following zonal classifications:

  • I1- Business Industrial - as commercial storage under principal uses.

  • I2- General Industrial - as commercial storage and warehouse sales for principal use.

  • I3-Heavy Industrial

  • I4- Central Industrial - as commercial storage and warehouse sales for principal use.

  • I5- Extraction- as outdoor storage under secondary uses.

  • I6- Low Impact Transitional Industrial - as commercial storage for principal use.

The Land Use Bylaws of Kelowna have the subsequent provisions that govern the use of industrially zoned land, which includes the use of warehouses:

  • The maximum floor area ratio is 1.5.

  • The maximum site coverage is 60%.

  • The maximum height is 14.0 m.

  • No use shall produce dust, or other emissions that exceed standards set by provincial legislation, without written authorization from the appropriate provincial agency.

  • No use shall produce odour, glare, or noise that creates a nuisance.

  • There shall be no outdoor storage of toxic, noxious, explosive, odorous, or radioactive materials

Warehouses in Kelowna are located in the following areas with their applicable uses:

  • The corner of Hwy 97 and Elk Rd contains warehouses for storage facilities and equipment rentals.

  • Louie Dr. near Hwy 97 contains warehouses for utilities and equipment rentals.

  • An area that encompasses Dominion Rd, Stevens Rd, Westlake Rd on the east, the Okanagan Hwy on the south, and Bartley Rd on the west contains warehouses used for construction supplies, utilities, automobile parts, contractor services, manufacturing, and transport and logistics services.

  • An area enclosed by Ellis St on the east, Manhattan Dr on the south and Guy St on the west contains warehouses used for the storage of construction supplies and automobile sales.

  • The area bounded by St. Paul St on the west, Gaston Ave, and Bailie Ave. on the north, Gordon St. on the east and Clement Ave. in the south contains warehouses used for manufacturing, automobile repair, and transport and logistics services.

  • A triangle created by Weddell Pt in the south, Crowley Ave in the north, Trench Pl and Gordon Dr in the east and bisected by Ethel Dr contains warehouses used for utilities, metal fabrication, construction supplies, general storage, contractor services and equipment rentals.

  • 1205 High Rd contains warehouses used for storage.

  • The area north of Harvey Ave contains warehouses used for public works, automobile parts and sales, and the transport and logistics services.

  • An area demarcated by Leathead Rd in the south, Hwy 97 in the west, Dalton Rd in the east and Findlay Rd in the north contains warehouses used for the transport and logistics services, automobile sales, warehouse appliance sales, construction supplies, contractor services, automobile services, and equipment rentals.

  • The Reid’s Corner District contains warehouses used for utilities, transport and logistics, general storage, construction supplies, contractor services, equipment rentals, recycling depots, and manufacturing.