Get to know Cranbrook, BC, Canada

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The city of Cranbrook forms part of the Regional District of East Kootenay in the southeast interior of British Columbia. It also serves as the regional headquarters of the Rocky Mountain Forest District. Several heavy industries operate out of Cranbrook, where the trade, transport and equipment operators remain the largest employer of the city, alongside the key heavy industries of the extraction of natural resources, and the manufacturing and utilities sectors.

5.1% of the labour force of Cranbrook is engaged in the transportation and warehousing industries. The warehousing businesses in Cranbrook are located in land zoned for Commercial Use, as well as land zoned for industrial uses. There are three industrial zones in Cranbrook, however, the use of warehousing and storage facilities are limited to the following:

  • Clean Industrial Zone M-1

  • Light Industrial Zone M-2

The provisions under the Zoning and Land Use Bylaws of Cranbrook state that warehousing and storage industries under these zones are to include the storage of recreational vehicles, The following provisions govern the dimensions of the structures to be constructed in these industrial zones:

  • M-1 Industrial Zone
    • No person shall locate a building or structure in the M-1 Zone which exceeds a height of 12.0 m.

    • No person shall cover more than 50% of the area of a parcel in the M-1 Zone with buildings and structures.

  • M-2 Industrial Zone
    • No person shall locate a building or structure in the M-2 Zone which

exceeds a height of 18.5 m.

  • No person shall cover more than 70% of the area of a parcel in the M-2

Zone with buildings and structures.

If the warehouse is to be used as part of the transportation and terminal facilities, the warehouse falls under the M-3 Classification for Heavy Industrial Use. The following provisions govern the use of warehouses in land zoned for heavy industrial use:

  • The minimum parcel size in the M-3 Zone shall be 464.0 m2 in area.

  • No parcel shall be created in the M-3 Zone which has a front parcel line less than 15.0 m.

Warehouses and outdoor storage however, may operate under the accessory uses provision of the bylaw.

Warehouses in Cranbrook may be found in the following areas with their applicable uses:

  • Both sides of Cobham Ave W to include McBride St W, Laurier St W and Patterson St. W. have warehouses used for manufacturing, transport and logistics, general storage, recreational vehicle sales and construction supply storage.

  • Both sides of Slater Rd NW until 6 St NW contain warehouses used for construction supplies, contractor services, and materials recovery.

  • An area enclosed by Industrial Road G, Industrial Road F, Industrial Road 1 and Industrial Road 3 contains warehouses used for contractor services, construction supplies, automobile services, utilities, transport and logistics services, general storage, recycling depots, fuel storage and lumber processing.

  • Theatre Rd, north of Ridgeview Rd, until its intersection with the Kimberley Hwy has warehouses used for transport and logistics services, construction supplies, contractor services, automobile repairs, and public works.

  • The area north of the Kimberly Hwy contains warehouses used for general storage and for the storage of recreational vehicles.

  • 30 Ave N where it intersects with the Crowsnest Hwy has warehouses for automobile sales and equipment rentals.