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The city of Camrose is located in central Alberta and forms part of Camrose County. The city serves as a service hub for a population of 150,000. The key heavy industries in the city are focused on the manufacturing sector, the trade and transport industries, utilities and the petrochemical industries.

According to the Economic Development of Camrose, the Warehousing and Storage industries form part of the Transportation Services Sector, where the industry is defined collectively as businesses that operate facilities for the storage of goods and the provision of logistics services. The warehousing industry in Camrose is frequented by the manufacturing sector, distributors and retailers in the city.

Under the Land Use Bylaw of Camrose, the Warehousing and Storage Industries for Industrial Use are categorized under the M1 Classification, for the General Industrial Area. The Land Use Bylaw defines warehouses as a facility used for the indoor storage of equipment, goods, motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, materials or products as part of industrial development. Warehouses under the M1 Classification are categorized under Permitted Uses.

Specific provisions under the Land Use Bylaw of Camrose govern the aesthetics and placement of warehouses not only under the M1 Classification, but also under its additional categorizations under commercially zoned land under the C1 and C2 Zones.

  • That the use shall not adversely impact the aesthetic character of the commercial

area and any outdoor storage area shall be sufficiently screened from adjacent

properties and any public street; and

  • That the development is designed so it shall not adversely impact the safety of

traffic moving to and from the site, as well as the traffic to and from nearby

developments; and

  • That the vehicular traffic generated by the development shall not be significantly

greater than the traffic generated from the adjacent properties.

Warehouses in Camrose are located in the following areas with their applicable uses:

  • 39 St which contains warehouses used for pipe storage, lumber storage, manufacturing, equipment rentals, and the transport and logistics industries.

  • Camrose Drive contains warehouses used for parts recovery, auto wreckage and towing, and transport services.

  • 51 Ave contains warehouses used for construction supplies.

  • The length of 48 Ave contains warehouses used for storage and transport, automobile sales and services, and the logistics industries.

  • 43 St contains warehouses used for the construction industry as well as the transport and logistics industries.